Google Goes Green Again With Electric Vehicle

Google is working hard to be environmental-friendly. Here we see their another latest initiatives in green transportation that continues their Rechargelt project and car-sharing program, Gfleet.

In order to encourage their employees to user electric vehicle(EV), Google is working with Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint Network to continue to expand their EV’s charging infrastructure. There are 200 charges installed and another 250 new ones on the way. In fact, they have developed the largest corporate EV charging infrastructure in the country.

Besides, Google is able to track the progress of this green transport initiative using the charging data provided by The ChargePoint Network.

The initiative aims to provide free electric charge for all employees’ EV. It has already helped several employees decide to buy new EVs  of their own.

Google managed to save more than 5,400 tonnes of CO2 with Gfleet and their biodiesel shuttle system. But they hope that other companies will follow suit to make our Earth greener as well.



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