Google goggles and iBangles? – Apple and Google develop wearable technology

It looks like fashion is about to get a fast forward to the future as Apple and Google have both been reported to be developing wearable gadgets that will be ready for release as early as 2012.

We are certainly, no stranger to gadgets doubling as fashion items, given that they are standard spy-wear. From Agent 007 to Spy Kids, tech-savvy fashion items have played a major roles in their get-ups but in the near future, these gadgets will not only be a product of movie magic, but may be available to normal citizens like you and me.

Google is reported to be developing glasses with Terminator-like vision, which look like ordinary glasses but allows the wearer to view information from Google services on the display. Dubbed “Google goggles” by industry watchers, the technology is predicted to be connected with the Android platform so as to allow the communication of information between Google’s Android smartphones and the glasses. Google is also reported to hope to increase ad traffic through this technology.

Apple on the other hand, is said to be developing a number of wearable devices, including the iBangle which functions as a wearable iPod and will be controllable using voice commands not unlike Siri.

Looks like the Apple/Google war is about to move on to a new battlefield in 2012.

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