Google health search ‘improvements’


Google is going to improve their health-related searches.  Every day, people search on Google for health information in order to find out the health condition of themselves or their loved ones. Have you ever search for health related subjects on Google?

According to Google’s Chief Health Strategist Roni Zeiger:

‘You might be trying to understand why you’ve had a headache every morning for a week or why your child has a tummy ache all of a sudden. Our data shows that a search for symptoms is often followed by a search for a related condition. To make the process easier, now when you search for a symptom or set of symptoms, you’ll often see a list of possibly related health conditions that you can use to refine your search. The list is generated by our algorithms that analyze data from pages across the web and surface the health conditions that appear to be related to your search.’

Google is making it much easier for us to track our own condition. This would really make it easier to find more related and relevant health information.  However, this should be an extra source for people and not a substitute for seeing a doctor.  People have to realize that this kind of search can only be applied at the beginning of a disease. So, people have to be aware that Google is not a doctor who can screen you due to some words about your symptoms.

So, it would be much easier to be aware of diseases via Google so people can prevent. Google gives you a clear view, which is very useful!


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