Google introduces Brandcast, a tool to help business get the most out of YouTube

Brandcast is a site which gives brands insight on the best way to reach their audience on the video sharing platform YouTube. It is designed to help brands reach viewers more effectively.

YouTube is trying to make it easier for brands to find their way on YouTube. YouTube Brandscast is broken down into three sections. Each section provides critical information.

The first section will gives access to different categories such as animation, comedy, music and more. As you can see, it is more focused on the content.

The second section provides demographic information about the audience and is divided into different categories such as teens, males, females and adults.

The final section, Marketer Resources does not have a concrete content yet. It features three categories. The first one leads to YouTube’s Google+ Page. The second one is for research request and the last one is a ’view more content’ section.  Probably, the last section will be the tips and tricks page for business to reach their audience in an effective way. If brands need more additional information or advice, then Google is ready to help them.

Earlier this month, YouTube launched Channel Sponsorships so it seems that Google wants to minimize the distance between brands and YouTube users.

YouTube Brandcast will be officially launched on May 2 at a private Digital Content NewFronts event in New York.


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