Google+ Means The Beginning Of The End Of Facebook

Since the launch of Google Plus, the blogosphere has been making negative comments about the future of Facebook. Some say the giant’s social media product means a game over for Facebook.

Google Plus’ visit is increasing tremendously. Although Facebook still have ten times of its 1.8 million visits in last week, the growth of Google Plus became a real threat for them.

Here are some data about the growth of Google Plus from Experian Hitwise:

  • Google Plus ( ranked as the number 42 most visited social networking site in the U.S. for the week ending July 16, 2011.
  • Google Plus ranked as the 638th most visited site among all sites in the U.S. last week (July 16th), up from its previous ranking as the 2404th most visited site in the U.S. the previous week (July 9th).
  • Google Plus received more than 1.8 million total visits last week ending July 16, 2011. That is an increase of 283 percent versus the previous week and an increase of 821 percent versus the week ending July 2nd.
  • 56 percent of upstream traffic to Google Plus  last week came from other Google properties. accounted for 34 percent of upstream traffic to the site.
  • 37 percent of upstream traffic to Google Plus last week came from search engines. Email provided the second largest amount of upstream traffic accounting for 21 percent.
  • 57 percent of visits to Google Plus are from males (based on four weeks ending July 16th)
  • 38.37 percent of visits are from users age 25-34 for the four weeks ending July 16th, the previous week users ages 18 to 34 made up the majority of visits with 38.11 percent.
  • Most visits overall to Google Plus were coming from the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles followed by New York City, San Francisco for the four weeks ending July 16th.
  • Visitors from the metropolitan regions of Bowling Green, KY, Portland, OR and Bend, OR were most likely to visit Google Plus than the online population last week.
What does the data imply?  The beginning of the end of Facebook?
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