Google Music Has Finally Launched

So here it is boys and girls, as announced yesterday, Google’s cloud music service has finally arrived! On Tuesday they actually launched the service to a few select users (invite-only) but now, it is up and running for free! For a limited time! And it’s only available in the United States! Err. So much for the anticipation.

Users will be able to utilize the service using their Android phones and via the web. Below are sneak peeks of the user interface for us people who do not reside in the United States… This is as close as we’re gonna get for now:

Hmm.. What do you think of the look of the user interface? Yay or nay? Personally… I don’t see anything so WOW about the design. I hope the features and seamless navigation make up for the lack of face value.

Rumors of this music service were heard back in June 2010, when people were talking about how Google was reportedly developing a music service that had an Android twist. And although Google’s team is composed of intelligent and completely capable engineers, the company was having a more difficult time in settling their deals with the labels. That’s why it took almost a year for them to finally release Google Music.

And despite the fact that I don’t like the look and feel of it very much, the product is fully functional and is launch-ready, setting aside the labels.

As a summary, Google Music can do the following: 1) Run on Android, tablet, and mobile devices; 2) Create custom playlists; 3) Edit track info, get play counts, etc.; 4) Access your music online as well as offline; 5) Upload and store soungs to a cloud-based directory, and; 6) wirelessly and automatically sync web and device playlists.

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