Google Now Lets Website Owners Measure Effectiveness of “+1”

After announcement of  +project yesterday, Google now said they has some improvement of its +1 button too.

+1  was quite meaningless for webmaster as impact of the button could not be measured. So now, Google decided to provide reports that analyse effect of +1:

  1. The Search Impact Report shows how +1 affect your website clickthrough rate. Clicks and impressions on search results with and without +1 annotations are compared.
  2. With Activity report, you will know how many times your pages have been +1’s.
  3. Audience report lets you aggregate geographic and demographic information about  Google user who have +1’d pages from your site.

To view these reports, use the +1 Metrics menu on the side of the page. Before that, make sure that you have verified your site on Google Webmaster Tools.

Besides, you can also see impact of other social buttons such as Facebook “like” button with Social Plugin Tracking in Google Analytics . It shows whether people who +1 your pages during a visit are likely to spend more time. The number of all social actions(+1, tweets) can also be tracked. You can check which of your pages has the highest number of social actions as well.

Social Plugin Tracking will be enabled automatically after you added +1 buttons to your site.These social reports helps you to understand more about behavior of potential or current customers.


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