Google now offering support to developers with ‘Developers Live’

Google has launched ‘Google Developers Live’ to support developers during office hours. In this way, developers are allowed to talk directly to Googlers.

It is quite serious that Google is strengthening its developer ecosystem.  Developers are now able to contact Google’s experts and fellow developers on this ‘live platform’.   This platform is for those who are creating things using their APIs. According to Louis Gray, Program Manager on Google Developer Relations team:

”We think connecting you with Google’s experts and your fellow developers can inspire incredible app creation. So today, we’re introducing Google Developers Live, a destination for developers around the world that will feature live, interactive broadcasts ranging from developer-focused game shows to Office Hours where you can connect with the engineers who created and work on your favorite Google product.

Google Developers Live allows us to bring you the excitement of Google I/O year-round, beginning today with the release of starter-level sessions on everything from Android to YouTube, to help prepare you for the more advanced content that will be presented next week. And, if you have any questions after watching these tutorials, we’ve set up Office Hours with each of our presenters on Google Developers Live so you can ask them directly.”

On Google Developer Live you can start filling up your calendar with sensions, App Reviews and more. During the sessions, you are able to ask any thing you want for example about Chrome, YouTube, Android, Drive, Maps or any product that Google makes. However, the office hours will be held in Google+ Hangout, because this will allow multiple userses to participate and learn.


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