Google Offers New Web Search Experience Using Your Voice

Admit it, we all get our lazy days. Sometimes we’re too lazy to get up in the morning (okay not sometimes, try every day), sometimes we’re too lazy to walk to school or to work, sometimes we’re too lazy to even get off our butts to buy ourselves lunch. Bottomline is, sometimes we’re just too lazy to do any kind of work.
But are we really too lazy enough that even typing seems like too much of a chore?

I guess Google’s answer to that is a yes, since it has given some of its users the option of searching the web by voice, instead of keyboard, on their desktop browsers. These selected users will see a little gray microphone at the end of the search box. This of course is still an experiment and it may or may not come to Chrome beyond this experiment.

voice search google chrome extension

Though it is true there are some users who can type as fast as they can speak, that is not the case for a lot of us (I know my own typing speed, because when I’m bored I listen to songs and then see if I can type the lyrics as fast as the artist can sing it… Rap songs are a huge pain). A lot of people’s search keywords are short, mostly upto 3 words or even less, maybe because a lot are struggling to type more than that.

Whether it’s for lazy people, or just to give its users a whole new experience, browsing the web using one’s voice is still a revolutionary and fascinating technology that offers immediate benefits to those who engage with it.

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