Google Plus Brings Video Hangouts To Mobile


Many Google Plus users are particularly interested about its group video chat service called Hangouts.   The great news is, you can now use Google Plus Hangouts to chat live, on video from your mobile device.  Community Manager for Google Plus Natalie Villalobos announced new features not only for Google Plus on desktop, but also the mobile version

Hangouts will be accessible from any Android 2.3 or higher device that has a front-facing camera.  This requires a new version of the Google+ app, which is available in the Android Market today.    Google says this functionality will be available on iOS soon.

Aside from making Hangouts available on phone, Google Plus revealed another new feature which is called Hangouts On Air.  Google is also turning Hangouts into a broadcast medium. From launch, Google limited the number of participants in a Hangout to 10 likely those with the biggest Google+ followings but anyone can tune into a broadcast. With the help of this feature, Hangout users can publicly broadcast their video. This will be helpful when they want to speak with large audience or when they want to view their own Hangout as a spectator.

Google is also giving users the ability to share their computer screens with others during Hangouts as well. Previously, users could watch a YouTube video together. Now, they can share computer screens to show off vacation photos, plan trips, collaborate on documents, or even scribble together on a new Sketchpad feature.

Hangouts are great. It will be interesting to see how this would evolved for the business,corporate,enterprise sector.







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