Google Plus One: Emerald City +1 Thought(s) of Me

Google Plus One: Emerald City +1 Thought(s) of Me

Emerald Sea or Plus One or Me – however they want to name the new project,  its no secret that Google is desperate to launch their dominance into the social media arena. Its not really clear what’s exactly going on in the lockdown zone of Building One – but it is pretty clear we are soon going to see new icons beside Facebook Like in the near future.

However, all the above is very 2010 – so rather than reciprocating on old news, this post will deal with some of the issues Google Plus One must face itself with:

1. User Base:

It is not very hard to assume, that most people that could go social IS hooked with some social media platforms today. Whether mass majority of the social going public will accept yet another social media platform is hard to perceive at this point. However, Google’s name speak for itself, and reasons for Orkut missing the mark is not the case with the proposed Google Plus One – since Big G is apparently setting all guns blazing with their brightest minds and creating a City from scratch( Serg Brin included).

2. Adaptation:

Google already has a large base of loyal supporters. However, even with a common Google ID, it failed to ignite Google Buzz to the intended degree. If Google Plus One is to succeed – it must find a smoother transition of the exiting user-base.

3. Definitive Purpose:

With the myriads of social media platforms today – anything Cliché wont work. It is therefore extremely important Google defines concrete purposes behind their new platform, and focus on certain attributes rather than a everything Facebook Does paradigm.

4. Something for everyone:

Google Plus One must find its way to support niche groups. For example, it could very easily incorporate enterprise solutions attributes for corporate entities, and give a social arena for the corporates. Doing this properly would give the new platforms company wide exposures, and replicate some of the hype which Facebook initially garnered targeting universities only.

While Google so far couldn’t replicate its search engine success with social – it seems all that is about to change with Google +1. However, to what extent it can meet the extremely high standards of Facebook et al. remains to be seen.

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