Google Reacts To Google+ Account Suspension Controversy

In order to stop users from creating fake profiles, Google started enforcing section 13 of the User Content and Conduct policy that says:

” To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you. For example, if your full legal name is Charles Jone Jr., but you normally user Chunk Jones or Junior Jones, either of those would be acceptable.”

The policy was enforced since last weekend and large number of Google+ accounts were deleted. This has created a controversy as some of the profiles of well-intentioned names were deleted as well.

The company has admitted that they have made some mistakes with its first attempt at cracking down on fake profiles. Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz stated that Google intends to make a few changes to the policy. For example, users will be given more warning and the chance to comply with the common name policy. Signup process will be improved. The company will be also be exploring better ways to support nicknames, maiden names and pseudonyms.

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