Google Realtime Search now includes Quora & Gowalla

As most of you already know, Google Realtime allows users to search for things happening in realtime. It’s pretty convenient – the only downside of it is that mainly conversations from Twitter, and just a few from Facebook and Buzz, are shown in the results. For example, if you type the phrase “orange juice,” the most recent Twitter statuses and replies that contain the phrase will appear in the search results. But yesterday Google raised its bar by including more websites to its Realtime Search, such as Quora and Gowalla to name a few.

A Quora user points out that “Google Realtime Search is indexing Quora activity such as asking Questions, adding Answers, upvoting Answers, and submitting Posts.” This puts Quora at a great advantage, as well as the other services who were included in Google’s realtime search mainly due to the fact that these results show up on the main page of Google also.

Google was actually going hand-in-hand with Quora in order to generate better social results.  What’s interesting with Gowalla is that compared to Foursquare, their data is public. If you check-in will post it publicly, whereas Foursquare will only show the data if you are connected with someone.

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