Google rolls out autocomplete predictions to Gmail search

Google has made an upgrade to Gmail search. Google now tailors Gmail search autocomplete to the contents of your inbox.  So it will be a little bit faster to improve your Gmail experience.

According to Isaac Elias, Google software engineer said:

‘’Now when you type something into the Gmail search box, the autocomplete predictions will be tailored to the content in your email, so you can save time and get the information you want faster than ever before. For example, you might now get lax reservation or lax united as predictions after typing ‘lax’ if you have received an email with a flight confirmation for your trip to Los Angeles in your inbox recently. ‘’

Google is scanning your inbox to provide you with autocomplete suggestions. There will be some moments that you are not sure how to search that ‘particular email’. So in this case, the auto-complete search might help a bit though. Besides this, the ‘Search the web’ option is providing users to stay on the same screen which will save a bit of time!

This ‘mind reading’ feature will be slow coming as Elais says:

 “We will be rolling out improved autocomplete in English over the next few days and will follow with more languages over the next few months. While initially improved autocomplete will not be available for Google Apps customers, we plan to bring this feature to Apps domains in the future”.

Google is already using the content of your email inbox to deliver ads which are based on those topics. So now the improved autocomplete function would make your Gmail inbox more personally than ever.

Try this new feature and tell us your experience!


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