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After Google pulled the plug on Google Wave, a lot of people were very upset. According to the geeks, Wave somehow managed to fill an empty space in the team collaboration space that other tools failed to deliver. But others thought that Wave was a over hyped product that wasn’t very exciting and had no real use. However Google did start to take bits and pieces out of Wave and implement some of those ‘wave-like’ features into their existing product line – Google Docs.

But that is not all, just last week Google Wave blog introduced a brand new Google Labs product called Google Shared Spaces that helps you collaborate with other members of your team by adding information to a gadget. You can add placemarks to a map, draw on the same white board, play chess, create lists, find the best budget accommodation, plan a trip together, brainstorm, create diagrams and answer to polls and many more.

google shared space

Google writes: “Google Shared Spaces allows you to easily create a space with a collaborative gadget and a chat box in it. The gadgets are based on the Wave gadgets technology, so there are already more than 50 gadgets across different categories, like games, productivity, and event planning. Anybody can create a new space by going to the gallery and clicking on one of the featured gadgets. Spaces can easily be shared by just pasting the URL into a chat window, an email or a content sharing platform like Google Buzz or Twitter. And if you know a little Javascript, it is easy to get started building your own real-time, collaborative gadgets and create new spaces based on those..”

Using Google Shared Spaces is very simple, all you need to do is login using your Google, Twitter or Yahoo account once and you are done. You can easily create a space and share it using a simple link. When your friend joins your space, both of you will see each other’s activities on the space in real-time.

Try it out today: Google Shared Space (

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