What Do You Need this V-Day? Google Shopper

Google made a debut of Google Shopper on the Android and is now available for iPhone to enhance the online shopping experience. With Google Shopper, users can search for a specific product either with voice search or by uploading the picture or even barcode to the application to retrieve the information on the price and location.
What I find useful about this application is probably the fact that you can compare the price from different stores and that it is really friendly to the last-minute shoppers.

During the holidays, especially, the items that you want are either out of stock or they have it at another branch, and that is a time-waster, which brings us to another in depth tool besides price comparison – the information on the inventory, e.g. how many items are left in the stock.

It also seems like all the applications for Android and iPhone are integrating the social media platform into their programs, Google Shopper for example, lets you share the item that you plan on purchasing to your friends and family on Facebook, this is a good tool if you are in need of a second opinion. If you plan on doing some Valentine’s Day shopping but have no time then download Google Shopper for  free here. Google Shopper is only available in the UK and US at the moment.

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