Google Street View arrives in Israel a few days earlier than expected

Few days ago Google announced to unleash its Street View service in Israel in April 22nd. Now, this service arrives earlier than expected.

In the last months, Google Street View debuted in the countries Thailand and Russia, now it is expanding to Israel. However, there were few problems and negotiations with Israeli authorities. According to the newspaper Haaretz:

‘’ Authorities wanted guarantees that Google had an efficient and reliable way for residents to blur out personal information, including license plates and homes, before they are published online.’’

‘’ The service has caused considerable issues worldwide; consequently, negotiations with Israeli authorities took three months to conclude. ‘’

Now, local people and tourism can enjoy the Google Street View in Israel. It is now available and live in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa as well as famous locations like the Dead Sea, Kinneret, Nazareth, and Mitzpe Ramon and also in a few universities and museums. Besides this, Kfar Kama, Merhavia, Nahsholim and  Beër Sjeva can also be seen.

Check out the amazing Street View in Israel!

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