Google Street View expands to Russia

Everyone is using Google Street View to check their favourite places. Now, Google is allowing people to feast their eyes on the most culturally countries in the world. It is interesting to see the world in your own way behind the computer.

Google announced on Tuesday that they have added Russia to Google Street View Maps. Thus now you can take a trip behind your computer to check out the greatest architectures and sights like the Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, Peterhof and Kuskuvo park. The second largest city of Russia is also viewed in Street View, St. Petersburg.

More and more cities and countries are appearing in Google Street View as last month, two cities of South Korea were being introduced, but also parks such as Kensington Gardens in London and the High Line in New York City. Moreover, ski mountains like Breckenridge or Whistler can be found on Google Street View as well. Google Street View is making the world smaller and easier for us to explore.

This virtual trip will bring you to an adventure on Google Street View. Street view is not only limited to streets, but it works also inside for some locations like stores and restaurants. However, not every business owner is in favour of Street View. So there is a program named ‘Trusted Photographers who are approved by Google directory and they can capture 360-degree images of businesses if the owner gives an approval.

It is really cool to check these places in real time. This will let you experience the world like you never did before. So, take a tour through Google Street View to enjoy the most culturally countries in the world.

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