Google to Acquire Celebrities to use Google+

Lady Gaga has 11.7 million Twitter followers but why she is not on Google+?

Well, she might be on Google+ soon when Google releases its  “celebrity acquisition plan”.

Google is going to devise a system to verify the identities of public figures who sign up for the service. The validation system will prevent users from imitating celebrities, like Twitter’s “verified” stamp.The company plans to ask celebrities to fax a copy of his or her driving licenses to them for profile verification.

In the past, Google allowed users to validate the identities tied to their Google Profiles by checking their name and phone number against telephone records and ask them to enter a PIN code upon receiving a call. Users will get a green “verified name ” badge when their profiles are verified. Twitter also provide verified partners, advertisers, and accounts that regularly deal with identity confusion with a “verified” tag. However, their current rival Facebook does not have a system for promoting legitimate pages.

Although Google is interested in getting celebrities in the latest social network, many celebrities like Catherwood has little interest in joining it. “For a living, I voice my opinion, and so I’m guarded and very protective of my opinion,” Catherwood said.” I don’t want anyone to muddy up the waters with false opinions that seem to be.” She also stated that she would consider joining Google+ if Google offer him incentives such as validating or promoting his profile while eliminating imposters.

Google appears to be very interested in getting celebrities to get involved in their new product when they managed to get big names such as Lady Gaga and Tina Fey to drop by its campus to speak for YouTube audiences.



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