Google Translate for iPhone

It’s official, Google is literally everywhere I go; from the gym where I was doing my 4K run, the news on Wael Ghonim, Google Executive was on CNN, and Google is not only my homepage in the office but also at home. Earlier this week we also witnessed the birth of Google Art Project, a website that transport you to virtually some of the famous museums around the world. To add even more sparkle to the already many applications and platforms, Google released Google Translate for the iPhone users.

Google Translate give users a native experience with the speak-to-translate and listen-to-your-translations option in addition to the regular type to translate tool. The speak-to-translate option accepts voice input for 15 different languages, simply hold the microphone button and speak to translate.  You can also listen to your translations in 23 different languages. Another handy tool that I actually like is the full screen mode which lets you enlarge the text with the zoom in and out tapping ability so that someone that you are trying to communicate with can read it, helpful when you are in a foreign country.

While Google Translate maybe useful in many ways, I find that it is still not as accurate as it could be. Google Translate, strictly for survival or for personal and professional skills?

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