Google Translates Places into 30 Languages

Over the years we have seen how powerful languages are, an application that can be used in many different languages get more advantages than the ones that do not. And although Google Translate may not be the best option to use when you want to translate something for professional use, Google is striving to keep up with the trend of multi-languages by making its Google Check-ins, Places, and Latitude available in 30 languages.

In February 2011, Google added the feature check-ins feature for its Latitude application to be available for the iPhone and android, the Latitude application also let you share your exact location with your friends and act like a FourSquare by letting you check-in to places.

Now with its new languages added, users can choose to save the setting of the language of their choice to application. I personally think that this tool is quite useful and will definitely increase the amount of users on Google Latitude, especially the ones that speak English as their second or third language.

What do you think about Google Latitude? Is it useful, fun, and user-friendly?

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