Google Turns to Old-Fashioned TV for its Chrome Campaign

I remember reading somewhere that the TV is finally on its declining stage in the four stages of a product (Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline). Who here still watches TV? With free streaming and torrents and YouTube, basically with the fast internet that allows you to do multiple tasks,  hardly anyone sits on the couch anymore to look at that huge box with all the commercial interruptions.

Which is why in this particular entry, I shall try to understand the logic behind why in the world Google decided to campaign their web browser Chrome through the old-fashioned television set.

Google produced 90-second ads for Chrome that they released last Tuesday night. Their campaign is called “the Web is what you make of it,” and is currently their largest offline campaign ever. Even though Google still captures two-thirds of online web searching, there is still that 14% that Bing has. David B. Yoffie, a professor at Harvard Business School says, “The problem for both Firefox and Chrome is how are they going to convince customers that they have a significantly better product, worth the hassle of actually going and downloading something that’s new and different.”

That is why they came up with these TV ads. They wanted to have a different approach in promoting their web browser – by tugging at people’s heartstrings with emotional advertisements. Robert Wong, the creative director of the Google Creative Lab, says, “The browser’s probably the most important piece of software on anyone’s computer, but a lot of people, the people we’re targeting with these TV spots, don’t know what a browser is.”

So bottom line is, these ads were mainly targeted for those who have yet to discover the wonderful world of technology. Sounds fair. And the commercial (see video above seems pretty cool). What do you think? Did Google waste their money on these ads or was it just right that they made them?

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