Google TV gets an updated YouTube app

The addition of YouTube app on Google TV 2.0 was already a great upgrade. Today, Google has announced a new updated YouTube app for Google TV. YouTube users will definitely like this update, because it will make YouTube faster and easier!

The name of the new feature would be called ‘Discover’, which it will browse your YouTube channels by categories like Comedy, Gaming, Spots and more.  This will give you a clear view, which is easier to find a video.


Besides that, this update allows people to find more related videos and videos from the same user. So, in this case people will have more interaction with their favourite channels.

During the video, you may want to get more information about the video. If you just press the up and down arrow and you will see more info on your screen popup and you can add it to your playlist or rank the video.

To get this new feature, you have to update your YouTube via Android Market and you will experience the new smooth interface.  I think this new update will encourage people to watch more video’s and will make us more curious to click on other categories.  In my opinion, YouTube users will stick longer on YouTube than before, because after seeing one video, the other related videos will show up.

Is this update more user-friendly? Let us know your opinion.

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