Google TV updates TV & Movies app to support favourites and trending

The Google TV adds ‘Trending’ section for its TV and Movies app.  This app offers recommendations which are based on Google search trends.

Google TV wants to make watching television more personal so based on Google search trends; they will recommend TV and movie for you. Even though Google TV is offering great Internet-based content providers like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Go and more, it could sometimes be difficult to choose a nice movie.

Now it is possible for you to use a search bar to find their favourite TV show and it can also be saved to watch it later. Awesome! Or add your favourite TV shows on Favourite Channels so you will see instantly which show or movie is playing at the moment.

The coolest update is the ‘Trending’ section.  This section will be linked with your viewing and rating results. So it will automatically add more of your favourite episodes or live broadcast.

Google TV updates are definitely trying to make it more personal. It is letting you easier to find TV shows or movie and also let you to discover new ones.

So would this update let you watch more Google TV?


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