Google+ updates with hashtag search auto-complete and meme creator

Memes are all the rage on the internet nowadays, and they are not going to go away any time soon thanks to Google+’s latest update.

Just yesterday, Google+ announced 2 new updates to the service, one of them being a meme creator that allows Google+ users the option to add white text with black borders (the standard meme text style) to any photo that they upload.

For those who are a stranger to memes (well if you are, you must have been living under a rock) they are photos with text on them that have gone viral on the world wide web. Why? Internet memes tend to express human emotions in a hilarious way and are easy to relate to.

With Google+’s new feature, creating memes are going to get easier than ever before; and given the popularity of memes around the world (just look at this wedding proposal using memes!), it’s a genius move by Google in order to get more people on the Google+ network.

Another feature that was introduced was Hashtag Auto-complete, which presents a list of hashtags that you might be looking for when # is typed into the Google+ search bar. This will make tagging easier for users and lessen the chances of attaching a wrong tag to your post when trying to trend something. Yay for increased ease of organizing your Google+ posts!

and that concludes the Google+ updates report today, they’ll be back with more soon, or maybe even tomorrow?

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