Google Upgrades their Arsenal for the Patent War

Are you sick of the patent war?

We are asking because we know Einstein would be if he was still operating as a patent officer.

The Nortel/Novell patent issue was so out of the world ludicrous, that the whole time I was thinking how did the technology world stumble into such a pathetic scene. Exploiting patents, to rack up corporate advantage, to me is like fondling with the basics of science and innovation. So long the days when patents meant something world changing was about to happen. Or that, even if there is such a word, we are at a stage of innovation saturation.

And Google is Google – and Google always fights back. CPTN Holdings might have acquired the 882 patent from Novell ( and continue to plan harassing Big G  and Android ) – but the search giant have acquired the rights of an electronic shipping notification patent, whose abstract states:

A broker facilitates customer purchases from merchants. Shippers ship shipments containing the purchases from merchants to the customers. A shipper identifies a shipment using a shipment identifier. The broker uses the shipment identifier to obtain the status information for the shipment from the shipper. The broker analyzes the status information in combination with other information to calculate an estimate of the time that the shipment will arrive at the customer’s address. The broker sends an electronic message, such as an email or text message, to the customer prior to the estimated shipment arrival time to inform the customer of the impending arrival. The customer can thus arrange for someone to be at the shipping address to receive the shipment at the estimated arrival time.

So all the ecommerce/shipping companies need to worry, because the patent sounds extremely generic. Or they may not, Google have never exploited patents akin the likes of CPTN members, and might simply wishes to have enough options to retaliate against the mass market if the patent war worsens.

Dick Move? – Certainly. But it may have been enforced. Rather than innovating competitive technology, the sort of ugly turn of events the patent war is turning into – is just, baffling.

Verdict – I’m still just baffled. Just a personal reflection, to file a patent to secure my daily routine, when I go to a certain place called Washroom in the morning, and not having to pay 5 cents every time. You know where I’m going with this…

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  1. QAZI Reply September 18, 2011 at 9:46 am

    what do you want to say, are you saying that there should not be any such thing as patent? Coz then there will be no funding in r&d

  2. rez Reply September 18, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Patents are important when used to propel technology and innovation forward. However with the IPR, the patent has taken a new direction – and up until ( for now ) the Motorola Mobility deal – was definitely used to coerce Google into a corner, and actually hinder their Android progress.

    There should definitely be patents – that’s how science evolve. But, when it becomes a corporate sling, thats when the r&d part gets abused.