Google wants to become your personal Finance Advisor

Google is trying to break into the personal finance market. A tool is launched for finding and comparing personal financial products.It is called Google Advisor.



With the help of Google Advisor, you can check the rates for  credit cards,savings accounts,CD, mortgages using a list of financial instruments provided. In addition, Google provides data such as APR,monthly payment, fees and contact details for mortgages. Data on card type, rewards, annual fee and APR purchase will be provided as well, if you are searching for a credit card.

Google Advisor is a filtered comparison engine. Even if you need to find a home with certain credit rating, certain price and certain fixed mortgage, you will be able to find it. Certain offers based on low APRs or the interest rate are also featured.

How does Google monetize this tool? Google Advisor doesn’t earn from you when you use their service but it makes money whenever you contact a mortgage lender on its platform.

Personal finance is sector that Google has long wanted to break into as it can make billions in advertising and referral fees. UK price comparison website BeatThatQuote was acquired by Google for $61.5 million in March. Google’s new finance services are very similar.

Will you use Google Advisor?  What do you think about it?




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