GPS Shoe To Track Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease is a major brain disorder in which a person’s memory gradually decreases, disabling his/her ability to learn, reason, and communicate.  Alzheimer’s patients are often incapable of performing some of the simplest tasks while, they can also attempt things that are really harmful and dangerous. These patients are at risk of getting lost.  You can’t simply give them a phone and expect to use it.  They tend to remove unfamiliar objects placed on them.  Now you can keep track of these patients using GPS tracking shoe.
The shoes are developed by GTX Corp., which makes miniaturized Global Positioning Satellite tracking and location-transmitting technology, and Aetrex Worldwide, a footwear manufacturer.

The embedded GPS tracking system will allow the wearer of the shoe to be located instantly online and for their whereabouts to be monitored in real time.

A geo-fence could be placed around a person’s home and a Google Map alert sent to a cell phone, home or office computer when a programmed boundary is crossed.  The program is a downloadable app that enables the tracker to get an alert if the person wanders out of a pre-set safe zone.

The shoes are priced between $200 – $300, and will be available in sporty and formal-looking variants. There’s a monthly fee of $20 for subscribing to alerts.

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