“Green” iPhone is coming. iPhone to be run on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Green/sustainable/environmentally friendly technologies has been a hip for over a decade, and we have solar panels, wind energy generators, electric cars. Even though technology is not new, it has slow penetration into mobile industry. One of the innate problems for all sustainable innovations to be commercialized is difficulty to achieve win-win situation, that is, investments are huge, technology-related problems are difficult to deal with while ROI are moderate if ever exist. However, Apple announced plans to use hydrogen fuel cells to power iPhone, iPad and MacBook. A hydrogen fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into water and electrical energy.

However, it was not Apple’s concern for environment that motivated company to apply for patents to use hydrogen fuel cells for smartphones, but rather a need to deal with underpinning problem of all smartphones – battery life. Utilization of hydrogen fuel cells should increase battery life up to a week without recharging! Sound amazing, right? Though Apple admits that it will be challenging to design portable and cost-effective hydrogen fuel system that can be used with electronic devices. The possible solution put forwards by Apple is to make a hydrogen fuel system that both provides power to and received power from rechargeable battery.

Apple’s plans are more than appealing because can be viewed from different perspectives. It is not only about solving smartphone users problem of battery life or satisfying Greenpeace activists, but also political one – reducing reliance on fossil fuels that pushes national governments to explore offshore drilling.

Intentions are good, results are more than welcomed. So, apple go ahead and consumers will love you even more!

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