Group Buy For Sports Tickets

Group buying sites are so common as there are so many Groupon clones. But have you heard of group buy site specially for sports tickets?

 Crowd Seats is a group buy website that sells only sports tickets. Compared to other deals offered in other Groupon clones, sports tickets sales is a niche and it suited well with the group buying model. As sports tickets are perishable inventory, it is a prime example for daily deal. If the tickets can’t be sold by the day the game is played, the ticket will be  forever gone.

Although discount given on group buy site are always in huge amount, the lost can be covered up with sales of complementary goods such as parking, concessions, beer, souvenirs,etc. Beside, target customer on Crows Seats will be potentially more loyal as they are usually fans of sports events. They are likely to repeat purchase and get to as many games as possible to support their teams, especially when there are high discounts on Crowd Seats.

Unlike other daily deals, Crowd Seats includes social media links to teams’ Facebook and Twitter pages to encourages its users to “like” and “follow” and let teams to connect with their fans on their own terms. That provides more coverage to merchants.

The service is now available only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston but the founder and CEO of Crowd Seats, Justin Cener, says that they are going to expand to all major cities in the U.S.



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