Groupon testing new VIP service


Everyone loves a deal and now Groupon is testing a new VIP service for their members. What kind of VIP service do you get for $30 a year?

If you like to buy half-priced meal vouchers and discount on products/services, then you could try the 3-month trail.  However, most of the time deals are already sold out or your friends were too late to buy the same Groupon. Now this new VIP service is giving members early access to deal, the ability to buy old deals and get refunds for any Groupon at any time , even it is expired! Referring to Groupon CEO Andrew Mason:

 “I’m excited about our newest innovation — we’re calling it Groupon VIP. We got here by asking customers, ‘If you could wave a magic wand over Groupon, what would you change?’ Three ideas came up again and again, so we built the VIP program around them.”

Groupon has a two-side market, consumers and merchants. So in this case, this service should be an advantage for both markets, but is it? I am wondering how merchants can make profit of this VIP service as members can return their Groupon even when it is expired? Of course this kind of service would be amazing for customers; however Groupon has to satisfy the merchants at first place right? It might have an effect on the relationship between Groupon and its merchants.

As ZDNet reported; “We toughened up during the quiet period, and we’re now back to business as usual now that we’re a public company’ as Andrew Mason said at the 2012 Goldman Sachs Techonology and Internet Conference.

This VIP service could attract more customers if Groupon is offering great deals. Is it worth for $30 a year? Let us know your opinion!

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