Hacker Group LulzSec Stops Hacking

After 50 days of hacking, Hacker group LulzSec announced that it would dissolve.

LulSec’s latest attack is a torrent data from Arizona law enforcement which include hundreds of classified documents including personal emails, names and phone numbers. Other attacks are on Sony, PBS, the US Senate, the CIA and some gaming sites. The group was also suspected for the hacks against Scotland Yard and the UK Census.

The most probable reason of disbanding the group is increasing pressure from law enforcement agencies over its attack. One man related to LulSec, Ryan Cleary, was arrested last week in Britain. Besides, there is also an increasing number of rival hackers working to reveal other LulSec members to the authorities.

Although the group is disbanded, security experts said that it doesn’t mean an end to the attacks. After a farewell message being posted on Saturday, Lulz Sec urges other hackers to join the “revolution” aimed at governments and corporations that it started lately with Anonymous.LulzSec’s action has inspired others to continue their “hacking mission”.

Some people argued that LulSec had done nothing wrong but to remind industry to focus on the security of the systems and safety of customer’s data. American officials said attacks carried out by LulSec is a “nuisance” rather than real security threats.

Stopping hacking now is just a way for them to escape from being arrested temporarily. These passionate hackers will come back to hack another day. Unless they are arrested, the hacking will never end.

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