Hackers Attack Orlando-based Websites As A Punishment

The hacker group Anonymous crashed Orlando-based website and websites of MasterCard and the Church of Scientology.Anonymous claimed the attack as a punishment for the Orlando’s recent practice of arresting member of  Orlando Food Not Bombs, an anti poverty group that provides food for homeless people in the parks.

In Orlando, organizations are required to obtain permits to feed groups of 25 people or more in parks. This rule was set due to complaints by residents and businesses owners about it. 25 Orlando Food Not Bombs volunteers were arrested for not having permit for the feeding since June1.

Anonymous thinks that police and lawmakers in Orlando do not have the right to stop people from giving to the less fortunate or committing acts of kindness and compassion. Police were warned before the attacks. Anonymous said they will not launch the attack if no volunteers were arrested. However, police did not listen to them and arrested two volunteers. A spokeswoman of Orlando’s re-election campaign site said the policy will not be change simply because of the “inconvenience”.

In addition, members of Orlando Food Not Bombs clarified that they are neither part of Anonymous or supporter of the group. ” What Anonymous is doing is a distraction from the real issue at hand” said one of the members, Ben Markeson.

While there is no support from the anti poverty groups, Anonymous continues their effort with more attacks. Their announcement on Twitter says, ” For every arrested person, Anonymous will deface or assault TEN websites in Orlando.”


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