Happy Mother’s Day Sign Up For Twitter!

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend! A perfect opportunity for social networks to subtly advertise themselves by launching cutsie patootsie emotional Mother’s Day campaigns! And of course Twitter is no exception.

So who here has a mother who owns a Twitter account? I’m sure some of you do. And I’m sure those who do have mothers who own Twitter accounts get random phone calls from their moms saying stuff like “Are you really going to eat that burger, it’s so unhealthy” or “How was the trip to the salon honey.” Oh the power of Twitter. It gets your mother connected in more ways that you never imagined… And in ways that you never really hoped for. But it’s there. And while it’s there, might as well milk it right?

Despite the embarrassing and unnecessary phone calls and @Mentions from your mother, admit it. It’s something that we all find cute and adorably funny, and we can’t help but sometimes feel proud when our mothers do something like that. It makes up for good laughs… And this is exactly the point that Twitter wants to show in their advertisements. That even though sometimes mothers can get a little bit out of hand when it comes to connecting with you on social networks, even though it’s a bit of a hassle to screen the stuff that you post, deep inside we do want them there because it makes us feel special in a unique and… rather awkward way. Hey, feeling special is feeling special.

You can watch this cute little video that Twitter made to see what I mean:

Adorable isn’t it? But maybe instead of making a video they should just focus on finding out a way to screen some of our posts so that dear mother can only see the censored ones…

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