HeyTell – En Route to Walkie-Talkie

With so many new technology popping up like mushrooms, we tend to forget the good old days when the only way to communicate was to use snail mail and the closest thing to a cellphone was a walkie talkie.  Well, walkie-talkie is alive, back, and made free in an app format for the tech-savvy generation by Voxilate. The push-to-talk application for iPhone and Android phones, Heytell, already has 3 million users worldwide.

The freespirit couple, Steven Hugg and Jen Harvey created Heytell, while they were backpacking across the United States from Washington D.C. to Seattle. The idea is pretty simple, users can connect with each other  through short blurbs; push, speak, and even send locations via Google map. While HeyTell, is based on the iPhone and Android phones, the essence of the walkie-talkie still remains in the chatter sound.

HeyTell also allow the users to set the privacy levels as they wish with the minimum being able to talk to strangers while the maximum is limited to only users on the phonebook. Hello, check, one, two.

So do check out HeyTell and tell us what you think of this cool new service!

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