Highlights of Google Apps 2011 Updates

Few weeks ago, Google made your interactions with contacts in Gmail easier by adding a set of customization options to Google Calendar and making the discussion feature in Google documents more efficient.

Gmail’s People Widget

The people widget in Gmail will be displayed alongside email conversations and the contact information that you have for people included on the message will be shown. Upon clicking on one of your contacts in the widget, recent interactions such as email messages, calendar appointments and share documents that you have with that person will show up as well.

Google Calendar Appointment Slots

I think this is really a useful app for people to make an appointments during your preset free time slot.  Now your contacts are able to view your availability and reserve an appointment. For example, you can let your students make a consultation appointment on your Google Calendar if you are a lecturer.

Default Meeting Lengths and More Print Options

There is no need to to change the details of each meeting  created anymore as you can make your typical meeting length default. Besides, Calendar allows your print your meeting agenda according to custom date ranges in addition to the standard day, week and month views.

Improvements to Discussions in Google Documents

Fragments of text being discussed will be shown in the discussion pane and document statistics eg. number of recent views of the document can be viewed. By collapsing extended conversations, long conversations are made more compact.


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