Hipmunk Gets Even More Hip

Hipmunk, an application that helps you search for flights in an organized manner, sponsored by the front line applications company, Y-Combinator, now adds a feature for users to search for hotels. Hipmunk’s philosophy is to help users minimize the long time consumption is searching for flights; according to Hipmunk, the process of searching for flight take days and weeks for some due to pages after pages of flight deals from website.

With Hipmunk, users can see flight in a timetable, with everything in window-sized, and indicators of which airlines and also the price of each flight. To add even more convenience for the users, Hipmunk, decided to add the hotel feature, where users can now see the map of each hotel and select a hotel according to the hotel packages. Hipmunk realizes that maps can be too cluttered so it make sure that if there are many hotels near by certain areas, the hotel dot are spread out from each other to give better viewing for the users.

Hotels can also be search by criteria such as price, area, amenities, and from Yelp reviews. Hipmunk just released an iPhone application so if you are one of the frequent travelers then this application might come in handy. I tried searching for flights and hotels in Singapore and some are already available, although it might not be as informative as in the United States, I can see that it will be more useful in the future. Which application are you using to book a flight and a hotel? Please share!

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