Hire and get hired by video chat

Nowadays, everyone loves to share videos since it is much easier than ever since the birth of YouTube in 2005. Online video is increasing with the introduction of tablets a, powerful mobile devices and PCs built-in cameras. This can be a great tool in the employment process.

CareerCam is the leading provider of live video interviewing and online career event tools for professional, international and collegiate recruiting. This website is helping recruiters to find the best candidates without spending hours to travel.

Video recruiting technology is a new way to cut down the costs and time. Recruiters and jobseekers need to plan and travel to career fairs while video recruiting could be the solution for timesaving. Time is money, right? This will also speed up the employment process. Furthermore, the advantage of a video resume is that it can be replayed anytime and viewed by anyone in the company.

However, employers could to invite candidates who have impressed them with their video resume. This can via one-way video interview, face-to-face or two-way video interview.

Other websites such as Montage, SparkHire and GreenJobInterview have already live video interviewing options. These websites are trying to help candidates to be more than just a resume.

This new technology would be a new experience for employers and candidates as well. Imagine that you can put a video resume on a Job Site where you can try to stand out. What do you think?

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