Hit the ‘L’ button on Facebook to ‘Like’ an image!

Did you know that you can navigate through Facebook without using your mouse? Facebook has a small and useful set of keyboard shortcuts! But be aware, because it depends on your browser and operating system which buttons you need to use the shortcuts.

Now when you view a photo, you can hit the button ‘L’ to like the photo. So while you are viewing photos with the left and right arrow keys, you don’t need your mouse to “Like’ the photo. Or to unlike, just hit the ‘L’ button again. Very easy and efficient right! It might not save that much time, but it will save a few seconds and would be very handy.  But you can only use this photo tools if the Facebook posts or images which are open in lightbox mode.

Here  below you can find the list of shortcuts:


  • Firefox : Shift + Alt + shortcut number
  • Chrome: Alt + shortcut number


  • Firefox : Control + shortcut number
  • Chrome: Control + Option + shortcut number
  • Safari: Control + Option + shortcut number

Shortcuts: #

  • 1 : Home
  • 2 : Your profile
  • 3 : Friends requests
  • 4 : Messages
  • 5 : Notifications
  • 6 : General account settings
  • 7 : Privacy settings
  • 8 : Facebook’s Facebook page
  • 9 : Legal terms
  • 0 : Help centre
  • m : New message
  • ? : Search box


In lightbox mode:

  • L: Like/Unlike photos
  • Left and right arrow keys: Skip back/forth between photos


So here it is, now you can try these shortcuts on your Facebook and let us know whether this is convenient for you.

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  1. nikunj jain Reply March 23, 2012 at 12:05 am

    Fantastic news for all fb lovers. I did not know that you could like a page just by hitting the l button! Time to show off!