Hmmms app is a Split-Personality Social Network for iOS

From today on, you will be able to share your updates with matching audiences. Some updates might be suitable for your family, but not for your friends or the other way around. Hmmm is an app that allows you for selective sharing!

Sol Studio launched Hmmm today and this new iOS app called Hmmm will force you to share meaningful content. It is not like Twitter and Facebook where people blast out on their posts. Once you downloaded this app, you will be able to create a social micro network of your closest friends.

According to Archana Patchirajan:

“I’m a daughter, I’m a student, I’m a co-founder. We all have nicknames and social groups. It’s unrealistic to have one profile. We wanted to give users a flexible platform to express themselves the way they do in real life.”

Besides selecting your audience, there are also categories like activities, emotions, place, music and photo’s in order to post a meaningful content with useful information. Moreover, for each of your identities, you can create separate avatars.

You can connect this app with your Facebook account in order to find your friends on this service and this app can give your followers an idea of your personality because you can even share your photos and music.

Nowadays there are so many Social Media apps where people can share their life and thoughts.  So do you think that people will use this app Hmmm? Would you download this app and recommend your network to use it?

Let us know!

Hmmm is now available for iOS and the Android version will be coming in two weeks!

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