HTML5 Is The Top Trend of 2011

HTML5  has became the next version of HTML, the markup language that all web pages are written in. Compared to the current version of HTML, HTML5 is more interactive and it offers similar functionality to Flash technology.

We can see that Microsoft, Google and startups like Clicker are supporting this standard to allow developers to “write once, run anywhere”.

Microsoft ran a contest for developers working on games and music applications in HTML5 in March. At their annual web developer conference Mix, its IE/Windows 7 implementation of HMTL5 was as introduced as “native HTML5” due to deep integration between the browser and the OS. Later in June, Microsoft also announced its new OS Windows 8 that will feature a touchscreen interface that relies heavily on HTML5 and Javascript.

Besides, Google has added support for HTML5 over various products like its latest version of Chrome launched last month. Google has actually been supporting HTML5 for quite some time. For instance its HTML5-powered version of Gmail is a popular way for iPhone-toting Gmail users to get their mail.

As mentioned in our blog yesterday, Mozilla is also going to build a mobile OS on the web to allow developers to create a single mobile apps for all smartphones by writing only one mobile browser site. It will be enabled by HTML5.

In addition, startups such as SublimeVideo, a cloud-based HTML5 video player service is also depending on HTML5 to achieve a new level of interactivity. It allows web publishers to easily deploy HTML5 video on their websites.

 Do you think that HTML5 is the trend for this year too?

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