‘I cried’ YouTube button lets the Internet know when you are sad


Want to share your sad emotions through YouTube? The new ‘I cried’ button with a tear drop is allowing you to share your sadness with other users.

Dee Kim and Bistin Chen’s are the creators Project Goodcry. This project is an experiment to study the role of crying in a networked culture. This will show the collective crying experience on YouTube. This ‘I cried’ button can only be installed by Google Chrome user on YouTube from the Chrome app store.  The ‘I cried’ button will appear directly above the video. This button has the same function as the ‘Like’ button. Just need to click once and it will be counted. As the ‘Like’ button, it will show how many people cried at the video.

According to the creators:

´The intention is to find out what type of content makes people cry, to suggest a simple way to communicate the state of crying in digital space, and to help people reflect and ask themselves “What makes me cry?” “What does it feel to know what other people cried about?.”

There are plenty of ‘funniest video’ websites and now the ‘saddest videos’ are making their debut online. The website of Project Goodcry is ranking the ‘I cried’ videos. So at their website you can see the ranking list of the saddest online video. It makes me you curious!

So would you install the ‘I cried’ button and rank the top saddest online videos? The saddest online video at this moment is from Disney’s Fox and the Hound though!




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