In 6 months: ViBe app for Android hits 500.000 downloads!

How often you were wondering who was calling when your phone was on vibration such as during a meeting, cinema or just when your phone is far away from you? The ViBe app is allowing people to recognize the vibration when the phone is ringing!

The vibration lets us know that someone is calling, but it is impossible to know who is calling until you look at the display. You recognize this situation? Now this free app ViBe lets users to assign the contacts to the ten pre-defined rhythms. Moreover, users can create their own vibration rhythm to each contact, really cool huh! The way to customize your own vibration rhythm is to ‘draw’  a vibration on the screen. But how? I would say, just try!

This app also works for SMS and MMS text messages, so you can create for every call or message an unique vibration rhythm.

Sargon Benjamin co-founder of Base 2 Applications, the company behind this app ViBe says:

“We developed an app called ViBe, which takes the ringtone paradigm and applies it to vibrations. It’s great for the deaf community and anyone who generally keeps their phone on vibrate to avoid pesky situations. With ViBe, you can feel who’s calling.”

This app is also available for iOS users and it has also a customizable vibration feature. But ViBe is still developing his app as they say: ‘’We’re looking into making ViBe compatible with Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter notifications.’’

Wouldn’t it be awesome and useful to know who is calling when your phone is on vibration?

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