In India, a phone that changes SIM cards with a single shake

The Micromax X395 convertible mobile phone allows users to change SIM cards, music tracks and user profiles with a simple shake.

In the past years, dual SIM phones are a popular gadget on the market. Moreover, these dual SIM phone have become increasingly popular in India. Have u ever heard of Micromax? This is one of India’s fastest growing leading suppliers of mobile phones. They currently have released a mobile phone with three-way axis motion sensors called ‘X395 Convertible’ which can switch SIM cards by shaking the phone. It can sense your move!

The X395 Convertible is enabling the user to change their SIM card. So imagine that there is no need to put that tiny SIM card safely in the pocket and find a place to switch the SIM cards by turning off the mobile phone.

According to the images of this phone, it seems like a simple and easy phone without cool features. … But this phone comes with features which are functional for the user such as:

  • 1.3 MP Camera
  • Video recorder
  • 2.4 inch screen
  • Supports GPRS
  • WAP
  • MMS
  • Stereo/FM radio
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroSD Card – 8GB
  • Multi Format Music
  • Opera Mini Web Browser
  • Sound recorder
  • Motion sensor to switch the SIM card
  • Talktime 3 hours
  • Standby time up to 6 days

That’s the basis needs for a mobile right? Furthermore they are offering this mobile in three colours black, yellow and red which are interchangeable.

There already phones on the market which are offering dual SIM cards, but Micromax X395 is the first one which can switch your SIM cards by shaking the phone. This is a handy tool for people who are using different networks and travelling all the time.

As the mobile phone market is growing and growing, could Micromax X95 be a competitor on the market?  Let us know your opinion

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