In South Korea, Kinect and RFID power an augmented reality theme park

South Korea’s Live Park is bringing your fantasies one step nearer! Do you like to create your own avatar – a digital representation of yourselves? Now it is possible in “Live Park’ to move with your avatar through the park. The technology has come a long way in the decades and it is amazing that D’strict has created an interactive 3D fantasy world.

This reality theme park is located in Seoul and is using 3D video, holograms and augmented reality, interacting with RFID wrist bands. The Kinect sensors are used to recognize the gestures, voices and faces of the visitors. Visitors get the chance to experience and interact with the virtual world on panoramic projection screens. Cool! This technology is getting a lot of attention in South Korea, because it is the world’s first 3D theme park.

The company D’strict created this ‘Live Park’ consists of 65 attractions over 7 thematic stages. By using USD 13 million investment, D’strict created a 10,000-aquare meter park over two years. Live Park can accommodate up to 3,000 visitors at any time or 10,000 visitors a day. And guess what? It seems like they are planning to create permanent facilities for Live Park in China and Singapore and D’strict is going to expand internationally by licensing  ‘Live Park’ to potential partners like the United States.

Who can imagine that we can experience an augmented reality theme park like this? Nowadays, the field of interactive technology is dominated by augmented reality. For us, entertainment via technology is getting more interesting and fun.

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