– The future of travelling?

Like travelling and in need of good company a long way away from home? is here to save your day!

As Tim Cahill once said, “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” was created based upon precisely this philosophy. Started by a group of friends who met at a hostel in Brooklyn, the site allows travellers to find lodgings and socialise with fellow travellers that would be staying at that lodging at the same dates.

This social feature provides travellers with the opportunity to see who will be the same destination at the same time, and they are able to get to know each other online, share travelling tips, and plan activities together before they arrive at the lodging. Not only so, also shows you the lodgings that your friends have been to before, thus aiding you in deciding which places to stay at among countless bed and breakfast options at your destination.

The site is currently supports log in through Facebook, and thereafter users are able to fully control the amount of information to make available to other travellers viewing their profile. In line with the site’s focus on socialising travelling, it also ranks hostels, bed and breakfasts according to how social they are. It also functions as a site where travellers can sniff out great deals on lodgings.

This certainly seems like an interesting site that could catch on with travellers, given the rising popularity of travelling among the masses. However I’m rather anxious for more locations to be supported by, as currently they do not have lodging options available for Asian destinations such as Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, despite their popularity with travellers.

Although socialising the famously grungy system of hostel hopping certainly seem like an uphill task, seems to be well on their way. Is this Facebook-esque social network the future of travelling? Only time will tell.

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