Interesting Battle Between Microsoft And Google For Email Service

Google launched a site called Email Intervention to encourages users to get their friends to change from outdated email systems to Google’s service. Users are prompted to send one of three pre-written letters to their peers who are still  “stuck with the past”. A custom video can also be included to further persuade friends to join Google. There were 100,000 interventions sent in the site’s first 24 hours.

When Microsoft saw this, they knew something needs to be done. Thus, earlier today someone uploaded a video featuring ‘Gmail Man’, who digs through people’s email as he tries to find keywords that he can run ads against.

Although Microsoft did not confirm that they are behind the video, it really seems like it is as the timing is almost perfect for it not to be.

Gmail responded in their Twitter account that ‘Gmail Man’ video could help salespeople rekindle Gmail privacy fears that have largely died down over the last few years.

Watch these videos to know more about what I am talking about. Totally entertaining.

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