Internet and Politics

It seems like lately, the social media has had its presence more than ever, especially with the recent unrest of Jan25 Revolution in Egypt that has gotten many people focused on the social media world. Some criticize the internet and the influence of social media while others are thankful that such channels exist for people to interact and exchange the news, most important of all, the truth as they see it.

Governments do realize the importance of internet, the Egyptian government, for example, banned all the social media networking sites and completely disconnect its people to the internet during the revolution. Another internet shut down case in Libya that happened just a few days ago is a confirmation of how powerful internet and the social media really is. I couldn’t help but to wonder if cutting off the internet is really a solution to the real problem because communication is often not a bad thing.

Is shutting down the internet a way out for countries with poltical unrest? Does it create more rage and anger? Is it really wise to cut off the internet?

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