Internet Explorer 10 Sneak Peek

Good news for all you IE fans! Barely a month after the launch of the Internet Explorer 9 browser, Microsoft released its first preview for the Internet Explorer 10. The team gave the announcement at Mix11 in Las Vegas, which is their annual Web and phone developer conference. They are about three weeks into the development of IE 10 and yet the browser is already offering promising new features, one of which is a rich customizable layout where there are columns, flexible boxes and grids. Additional previews will be released every eight to twelve weeks.

IE Corporate Vice President Dean Hachamovitch showed the benefits of IE9 and 10’s extensive hardware acceleration by comparing Internet Explorer to Chrome during on-stage demos. Chrome has only very limited hardware acceleration in contrast to IE. Microsoft also announced new previews from HTML5 and CSS3. Hachamovitch stated that the “IE10 builds on full hardware acceleration and continues our focus on site-ready Web-standards. This combination enables developers to deliver the best performance for their customers on Windows while using the same, Web-standard markup across browsers.”

IE9 was released on March 14 after receiving 40 million downloads during its beta. At its peak it was downloaded 27 times per second. However, this is still incomparable to Mozilla Firefox 4, which was downloaded 5,000 times per minute in its first day of launch. As for Google Chrome, it is already on its 11th version.

I have yet to take this browser for a test drive. Let me know if you’ve tried it, and tell me if it’s really as fast as it claims.

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