iPad 2 Case with Hidden Keyboard

If you are in love with your iPad 2 then you are going to want to make love with your iPad even more with this aluminium case that has a Bluetooth keyboard nicely nestled inside. Logitech Zaggmate Keyboard Case not only protects your iPad 2 but it also act as a stand and a keyboard for your iPad.

You can either pick to stand your iPad 2 vertically or horizontally, the keyboard itself is as thin as .54 inches, which means, your iPad 2 still remains sleek and chic. This must-have case with keyboard is ready to ship from 19 April onwards at $100 per case, there are also options for the regular iPad but the case can only act as a standing case without the keyboard. What I really like when I see this case is that it makes your iPad 2 looks like it’s  a laptop, it is just so sexy.

What do you think about this case? Would you buy it or do you already have something similar? And also, how is your experience with your iPad 2 so far?

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